Summit is an international lump sum investment bond - with a loyalty bonus.

Summit is a unit-linked international investment bond that rewards your client with a loyalty bonus on the 3rd anniversary of your client’s investment and every subsequent anniversary. The bonus rate then rises on the 6th and 11th anniversary.

Your client can spread their investment across a range of funds, managed by investment specialists from around the world.

Summit could be ideal if your client has a lump sum to invest, for at least five years. 

Features of Summit Benefits
Gives your client easy access to their capital. Your client can withdraw up to 90% of their capital penalty-free from the start during the first 5 years with no restrictions thereafter, as long as the minimum amount remains in the plan.
Choice of investment funds and the opportunity to switch funds. Offering flexibility.  
Range of currency and payment options.  So your client has the choice to make the plan work for them.
Death benefit.  Built-in life cover – providing your client with 101% of cash-in value paid on death.
Funds accumulate free of tax (apart from any withholding tax on investment income, deducted at source in the country of origin). Tax efficiency.