Our expertise

Our expertise lies in providing products and services to Western and Indian subcontinent expats, and local nationals in our chosen markets.

Friends Provident International has over 40 years of experience in the international life assurance market. We provide savings, investment and protection solutions to customers in Asia and the UAE. With offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Isle of Man, we have staff worldwide, who are committed to helping our customers achieve their financial goals.

Our main goal is to help you make your financial security easier to achieve.

Our customers choose our financial solutions to give them the freedom to get the most from life, to protect the things they value most and save what is important to them.

Friends Provident International is part of IFGL. IFGL provides investment, savings and protection solutions to international investors around the world and the group comprises RL360, RL360 Services, Ardan International and Friends Provident International. IFGL has 216,000 customers, USD26 billion of assets under administration and more than 550 staff (as at 31 December 2021). You can find out more about IFGL here.