Notification of various changes to the underlying funds of our CGWM mirror funds

21 Mar 2022

The Directors of Canaccord Genuity Investment Fund Plc (“the Plc”) will be making some changes to the funds of the Plc which are expected to take effect from 1 April 2022  (the “Effective Date”). A summary of the key changes of the Plc, which impact the underlying funds to our CGWM mirror funds, is below.

Amendment to the fund names as part of a rebranding exercise

The Directors of the Plc have resolved to change the name of the underlying CGWM funds to our mirror funds. In line with this, our mirror funds will be renamed on the Effective Date, as follows:

Before the Effective DateAfter the Effective Date
P17 CGWM AffinityP17 Canaccord Genuity Affinity (USD)
P14 CGWM Affinity (GBP)P14 Canaccord Genuity Affinity (GBP)
P16 CGWM DiversityP16 Canaccord Genuity Diversity (USD)
P13 CGWM Diversity (GBP)P13 Canaccord Genuity Diversity (GBP)
P18 CGWM OpportunityP18 Canaccord Genuity Opportunity (USD)
P15 CGWM Opportunity (GBP)P15 Canaccord Genuity Opportunity (GBP)

Change of Management Company

As a result of a thematic review from the Central Bank of Ireland which assessed how fund management companies (“FMCs”) have implemented relevant Central Bank requirements and guidance in relation to the organization of FMCs, the Directors have decided that in order to meet the expectations of the Central Bank, an external FMC should be appointed to the Plc. As a result, the Directors will appoint KBA Consulting Management Limited as Management Company, replacing the existing FMC, Canaccord Genuity Management Company Limited. The appointment is subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Ireland and is expected to take effect on or around 1 April 2022.

It is not anticipated that the fees and charges of the Plc will increase as a result of the change in FMC. 

Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Limited, who is the current Investment Manager of the Plc, will continue in its role.

The Plc shareholder notification, which provides full details of all changes taking effect for the underlying funds, can be found opposite.