Basic investment concepts

Helping your clients be aware of some basic investment concepts can be a key part of your discussions to ensure they understand the importance of choosing an appropriate portfolio of investment funds that will match both their risk appetite and their financial goals.

Here we provide some easy to read brochures you can share with your clients which delve a little deeper into a few of the important aspects of investing, such as the benefits of unit cost averaging for regular savings investors to remaining invested during periods of market volatility.

A beginner's guide to investing

Whatever your clients are saving for, it is important to ensure that their hard earned savings are working for them. Investing wisely can be a way of achieving their long term financial goals sooner. Our Beginners guide to investing brochure aims to equip your clients with the knowledge to get them started.

Build diversification into your portfolio

Diversification, in investment terms, is the practice of spreading risk across several different asset types to reduce the likelihood of a large loss in your clients portfolio should one asset or sector suffer a sudden drop in value. Our Build diversification into your portfolio brochure explores this in more detail.

The benefits of long term saving

Saving long term, contributing a fixed amount on a regular basis is an effective way to save as it helps to ‘smooth out’ fluctuations in the value of your clients unit linked savings policy, by taking advantage of ‘unit cost averaging’. Find out more about this with our Benefits of long term saving brochure.

The benefits of staying invested

Research shows those who sell out at the bottom then buy back in when they feel more comfortable, do worse than those who stay invested. Our Benefits of staying invested brochure explains this concept in more detail and provides illustrations highlighting the impact this can have on your clients investment.