AKG acknowledges FPIL's strength

08 Jan 2024


Specialist firm AKG has once again acknowledged Friends Provident International Limited (FPIL’s) strength.

In its latest report on FPIL’s owner International Financial Group Limited (IFGL), AKG renewed IFGL’s B+ (very strong) financial strength rating for FPIL. No other international life company has a higher rating.

In its report, AKG said: ‘AKG considers IFGL to be a financially strong standalone operation with very strong operational characteristics and strategy, delivered by a consistent management team with provides a strong basis for further development.’

IFGL Marketing Director Simon Barwell commented: ‘Our first full year with majority investor Cinven has been a real success. I’m very happy to see AKG acknowledge not only our financial strength but also that we are well placed for further development. IFGL is a forward-thinking organisation keen to grow and evolve in the coming years.’

AKG Financial Analytics Ltd specialise in the provision of ratings, information and market assistance to the financial services industry. The company’s reports are designed to provide advisers the information they need to assess the relative strengths of offshore long- term insurers.