Education Fee Calculator

Future Invetment Value Calculator

Whether your child is two years old or about to go to high school, it’s never too early or too late to start saving for your child’s university education.

Our Education Planning calculator helps you estimate how much you need to invest to fund your child's future education.

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This will depend on how your money is invested and the growth it achieves after tax and product charges. The growth rate may vary during the period of investment, but for the purposes of this calculator we have assumed a constant rate throughout.

Total cost:


*Total Cost - This is the total estimated cost in future money terms required to fund private schooling/university.

Confucius said that if you want to know where your riches are buried, look inside your children’s heads. Scholars assume he was talking about the value of education. We suspect he might also have had the cost in mind. Because, sadly, a good education can be eye-openingly expensive.


Here are some of the main costs you could have to meet:

  • School entrance fees
  • tuition fees
  • boarding fees (if applicable)


Further costs including:

  • uniforms and sports kit
  • transportation
  • trips
  • other extracurricular (and often extraordinarily expensive) activities.

An exceptional education is one of the greatest opportunities you can give your child, and is a valuable investment for their future.

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