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Indicative price

The last published price for the Brandeaux Student Accommodation Fund prior to suspension was for 31 May 2013. From that point onward Brandeaux has been providing indicative prices only at various points for the underlying fund, enabling Friends Provident International to also only provide an indicative price for the Friends Provident International J99 Brandeaux Student Accommodation Fund (“the J99 Fund”), as indicated in the table below. 

Brandeaux has produced an indicative price for the end of August 2014 based on the year-end portfolio valuation.

The prices provided below for the J99 Fund are for indication purposes only, based on the indicative underlying fund Net Asset Value provided to us by Brandeaux, and should not be viewed as a guarantee of the actual value achievable.

The J99 Fund price at which units may be sold is dependent on Brandeaux being able to release liquidity to Friends Provident International. Any instructions received by Friends Provident International to sell units in the J99 Fund will be acknowledged and will be actioned following receipt of liquidity, when it is made available by Brandeaux.

J99 Brandeaux Student Accommodation Fund

Price date Indicative Offer Price (GBP) Indicative Bid Price (GBP)
29 Aug 2014  2.370 2.203
30 Apr 2014 2.535 2.357
31 Mar 2014 2.538 2.359
28 Feb 2014 2.541 2.362
31 Jan 2014 2.543 2.364
31 Dec 2013 2.546 2.366
29 Nov 2013 2.548 2.369
31 Oct 2013 2.551 2.371
30 Sept 2013 2.556 2.376
31 Aug 2013 2.558 2.378
31 Jul 2013 2.668 2.480
28 Jun 2013 2.671 2.483

Latest news

04 February 2016 - J99 Brandeaux Student Accommodation Fund Final Update

We are pleased to confirm we have now received the proceeds from the Liquidators for the outstanding 1%, following the completion of the winding-up process of the underlying Brandeaux Student Accommodation fund.

We are currently in the process of crediting the payment to affected policyholders subject to the de minimus as stated in our April 2015 letter to policyholders.