International Protector Middle East

Providing cover for residents in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

If your client is an expat living in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, it usually is mandatory for them to have medical insurance. However, this is not the same as critical illness cover as it does not provide financial support and peace of mind; it only covers your client’s medical expenses.

As an adviser, it’s important to explain this to your clients so that they understand the differences between the two types of cover.

Our Critical Illness Cover provides an extra layer of security that pays out a lump sum of up to USD 1,250,000 if your client gets diagnosed with one or more of our 35 covered critical illnesses, including cancer, heart attack(s) and permanent disabilities.

The whole family can be covered underneath Critical Illness Cover, with the option to include Children’s Critical Illness and Disability Benefit, providing protection against 26 different types of illnesses and disabilities.

Key features of our Critical Illness Cover include:

  • Lump sum paid directly to the claimant
  • Can be used to assist with extra medical bills and treatments should there be any gaps not covered by your clients' medical insurance
  • Free Best Doctors second opinion service
  • Different levels of cover for each life assured for joint life cases
  • Pay premiums in one of three currencies
  • Pay premiums monthly or annually
  • If your client decides to relocate, the plan is portable

At the end of the day, having a financial safety net to fall back on should be a priority especially if your clients have financial dependents.

The videos below demonstrate to your client the necessity for Critical Illness Coverage if they suffer a serious illness and the importance of staying healthy.