Features and benefits

An international investment bond, offering a wide range of investment and administration options - to suit your client.

Reserve has a number of features allowing a customer to create a bespoke plan to meet their needs.

Product features Investor benefits
Two investment options You can choose from two investment options ‘Personalised assets’ or ‘Collective investments’.
Currency options Choose to make or receive payments in US Dollars (USD), Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollars (AUD), HK dollars (HKD), Swedish krona (SEK), Swiss francs (CHF), Japanese yen (JPY).
Asset transfer Use existing assets to start your Reserve policy. All assets are subject to our acceptance.
Flexible charge options You have the choice between the following two charging structures:

  • Establishment charge structure or;
  • Annual policy charge structure.
The type of charging structure you choose when you start your policy will apply to any additional premiums paid.
Regular or one-off withdrawals The plan can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and varying needs.
Separate your plan into 100 policies Reserve allows you to establish up to 100 individual policies to aid with estate planning.
Multi-currency transaction Your lump-sum payment can be made in any freely convertible currency.

We set up General Transaction Accounts in the currencies you choose. These operate as cash accounts and receive any payments you make to us and we make to you. Any transactions such as charges to be taken, and the buying and selling of investments, will also pass through these accounts.