Technical information

An international investment bond, offering a wide range of investment and administration options - to suit your client.

7 Benefits of an offshore plan

Key UK taxation benefits of a Friends Provident International policy for returning UK expatriates as well as those moving to the UK for the first time.


Inheritance tax planning problems and solutions

FPI trust could be used to reduce a potential UK inheritance tax liability for your client.


Taxation of highly PPB’s for UK residents

A personal portfolio bond (PPB) is a single premium life assurance or capital redemption policy, which gives investors the freedom to select some or all of the underlying assets.


Time Apportionment Relief

TAR is a relief that can be applied to a UK chargeable gain. It allows the chargeable gain to be proportionately reduced by the amount of time the policy owner has been resident outside of the UK during the term of the policy.


Top-slicing Relief

Top-slicing relief (TSR) allows a gain made on the policy to be annualised. This allows the policy owner to pay tax at a rate equivalent to the rate that would have applied if the gain has been taxable in each year it was made.


US estate tax planning

Investors that have assets based in a different jurisdiction to where they are resident or domiciled can be unaware of the potential tax consequences of doing so.


UK tax benefits of using segmentation

Advantages of using policies issued with multiple segments for a UK tax resident individual, or a UK trust with a foreign life policy being assigned prior to surrender.